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Thank you for visiting our exhibition on Postcards of Magicians.

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25 thoughts on “Guest Book

    • How fascinating, I have a number of theatre programmes
      Lingha Singh.
      I have a number of postcards of magicians & vents. I agree they are difficult. I have one of Captain Charle kettle a local magician

      • Hi Brian – I’d be interested in dates from your programmes as I’m researching my grandfather, Linga Singh.

  1. What a wonderful collection. I own a copy of “Exclusive Magical Secrets” originally owned by magician Bennett Scott. I never knew what he looked like, and now I do! Thank you so much.

  2. Thank you for archiving these images. Dick Bruno ( Monsieur Brunard) is my Grandfather. I am also a performer/comic and am currently collecting images for a performance piece that honors family. I was pleased and touched to find your site.

    Simone Campbell

  3. Thanks I am looking for any information on a partner of harry Blackstone Named Steve Shepard. he is my uncle and I have cases of memorabilia.

  4. This a great and fun site for the magic tuff that I really enjoy. Thanks and good to be here. Tim LaGanke, Novelty, ohio

  5. Just delighted to see Philip Grinstead and Bette and Berne Grinstead in your collection. I will search my memorabilia for Martin Grinstead. How do I get it to you?

  6. As someone who has collected such things over decades, I can attest to the good monsignor’s observations that magician postcards are exceedingly rare. To see this many in one place is truly phenomenal. Thanks for doing this.

  7. The magician Le Professeur R de Frémont was my grand uncle and I am very happy to find him on your site.
    I have a similar document at home.
    Michèle De Frémont

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