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Thank you for visiting our exhibition on Postcards of Magicians.

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22 thoughts on “Guest Book

    • How fascinating, I have a number of theatre programmes
      Lingha Singh.
      I have a number of postcards of magicians & vents. I agree they are difficult. I have one of Captain Charle kettle a local magician

      • Hi Brian – I’d be interested in dates from your programmes as I’m researching my grandfather, Linga Singh.

  1. What a wonderful collection. I own a copy of “Exclusive Magical Secrets” originally owned by magician Bennett Scott. I never knew what he looked like, and now I do! Thank you so much.

  2. Thank you for archiving these images. Dick Bruno ( Monsieur Brunard) is my Grandfather. I am also a performer/comic and am currently collecting images for a performance piece that honors family. I was pleased and touched to find your site.

    Simone Campbell

  3. Thanks I am looking for any information on a partner of harry Blackstone Named Steve Shepard. he is my uncle and I have cases of memorabilia.

  4. This a great and fun site for the magic tuff that I really enjoy. Thanks and good to be here. Tim LaGanke, Novelty, ohio

  5. Just delighted to see Philip Grinstead and Bette and Berne Grinstead in your collection. I will search my memorabilia for Martin Grinstead. How do I get it to you?

  6. As someone who has collected such things over decades, I can attest to the good monsignor’s observations that magician postcards are exceedingly rare. To see this many in one place is truly phenomenal. Thanks for doing this.

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