Welcome to our online exhibition.


Welcome to Postcards of Magicians – over 300 postcards originally collected by Rev. Msgr. Vincent Foy. 

For decades Msgr. Foy has dutifully collected hundreds of postcards relating to magic. Read more about Msgr. Foy’s passion for collecting postcards.

We invite you to explore the various pages and enjoy the strange, wonderful and mysterious words that they represent. Think of each postcard is an “entry”. Scroll below and you can view thumbnails of  various entires. To keep viewing, just click on “older entries” after the thumbnail summary has ended.

If you wish to add a comment, or view other viewer comments, click on the postcard’s title and it will link you to the postcard’s individual entry. Here, you may find additional information about the card. You will be able to post your own note.

You can also search for specific individuals or topics. We have tagged most of the cards in an alphabetical category, so you can use the categories to the right to search for cards.

If know who the person is in a card  marked “unidentified”, please tell us, and/or, leave a comment by clicking on the link “Leave A Comment“.

We hope you enjoy the visit …  don’t forget to sign the Guest Book.


One thought on “Welcome to our online exhibition.

  1. Yipes! It has taken ,me years to duscover this site. I am sooooo happy. I will be back often. I admire this collection. I am a collector of magic related greeting cards, post cards, letterheads,and letters. I have a modest collection of about 1300-1400 items and growing. Just a hobby. My collection of postcards related to specific magicians is in the process of being organized alphabetically. Greetings to all collectors. Great to have this gallery on the Web. Peace…Fred Reisz, Bluffton, SC just off Hilton Head Island.

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