Virgil (July 17, 1900 – October 12, 1989) toured the United States from coast-to-coast many times during the 1930’s and 40’s, appearing in hundreds of theaters, colleges, civic and school auditoriums annually.

Leaving the University of Oregon just months before graduating in 1925, Virgil, with 850 pounds of equipment, began his career in vaudeville.

In 1927, Virgil became friends with MacDonald Birch playing the same territories year after year.

See more about Virgil on MagicPedia.


One thought on “Virgil

  1. Nice to find this picture of Virgil here. I was given a poster today – part of our 28th anniversary present from my partner. She found it in a charity shop in Northwich UK. Its from the 50’s I guess and Virgil is top of the bill with Julie “The Sweetheart Of Magic” being second in “Magicana” a magical review. The poster is from the Moss Empire in Newcastle. So have been looking on the internet for information about Virgil and Julie. Sadly not much to be found so pleased to find your postcard!

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