Louis “Teeny” Long was a Seattle Washington magician who flourished from 1960s-1980s.

In the early 1960s he had a daily spot on TV on Channel 4 in Seattle. “Teeny Time” was seen in two five-minute segments at 8:55 o’clock each morning and 5:25 o’clock each afternoon, Monday through Friday, on Channel 4. 

Teeny was a long-time member of the I.B.M.and for many years in the 1980s worked as the Magical Clown of the Safeway Stores in the state of Washington.

See more about Louis “Teeny” Long on MagicPedia.


3 thoughts on “Hou-Teeny

  1. When I was a kid, I went to the Pacific Coast Association of Magicians convention in Long Beach (1969, I think) and met Teeny Long. He was a very nice man and encouraged me in my efforts. I, too, have one of his postcards!

  2. I too knew Teeny. I meet Teeny back in 1973 through another clown. I became friends with Teeny and he also had taught me how to put on makeup, some magic, and balloon animals. He also let me use his prized 1965 Cadillac when my car needed to be repaired. It was very sad when I found out he had passed away. So I am not working on a documentary about Teeny. I will have a website up soon and for now, I have a FB page. So any information about Teeny would be very helpful.

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