George Cook

George Cook (1903-2002) served as National Secretary for the SAM and as president of Parent Assembly #1 in New York City for many years starting in then 1960s.

He traveled the world doing magic performances and did shows on cruise ships for 15 consecutive years with his wife Dot (d. 1981). Cook billed himself Whitestone the Magician as a gag when he lived in Whitestone, New York.

Cook worked owned a radio station, WEVD, in New York City as a young man and took up ham radio, helping British sailors make contact with their families during World War II.

Cook invented “On Target” which later became known as “Sidekick”.

See more about George Cook on MagicPedia.


One thought on “George Cook

  1. George Cook did not invent “On Target”. The effect was create by Artist and Magician Christian Thee. Christian was competing with the effect, won the contest, and was approached by George who offered to manufacture it.

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