Danny Orleans

Danny Orleans (b. 1954) is an American magician who is a widely respected trade-show performer, corporate entertainer, and magical educator.

After earning his degree in Education, he created a curriculum-based show for students and  toured North America performing magic in schools, theaters and children’s museums  from 1980 to 2000.

He and his wife, Janice Rose, studied with Eddie Fields in the 1980s mastering the two-person mindreading act.

A prolific creator and author, Orleans has written, appeared in, or contributed to numerous instructional texts on magic.  He has also a columnist for Genii Magazine  since January 1995.

See more about Danny Orleans from MagicPedia.


One thought on “Danny Orleans

  1. What an honor to have my postcards from the late 1970s posted in your collection. For the record, the signing of the card was done “in the plate” of the printer and is not original. Trick in which I used the multi-colored billiard balls was called RAINBOW VISIONS as published in Richard Kaufman’s first book, BALLS.

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