The Great Lyle

Cecil Lyle (1892 – 1955) was hailed as a conjuring prodigy appearing in Maskelyne and Devant’s program at St. George’s Hall.

He performed as The Great Lyle and his Magical Milliner Act included Paper Hat Tear, women from hatboxes and his Flying Gramophone which vanished while playing (which was later done by Robert Harbin as the Vanishing Radio).

See more about Cecil Lyle on MagicPedia.


One thought on “The Great Lyle

  1. As a young boy of about 13,I went to the Palace Theatre, Huddersfield with my parents as I did every week. The one act that stands out in my memory is that of ‘The Great Lyle’ who in one of his ‘tricks’ made a motorbike and its rider disappear from within a large crate on the stage. I remember that on my way home I could not understand where the motorbike and rider had gone. This was on my mind for a long time. As I say, This is the ONE act that stands out in my memory.

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